Differentiated Peer Feedback

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Our Y7 students created leaflets in ICT about the right to education and learning to learn using our 7.3 online unit.

Before finishing the project they gave each other feedback in order to refine their work using a differentiated worksheet.

We sorted the class into low, middle and high achievers and then created a seated plan to alternate them. This ensured that everyone had their work evaluated in detail by a high achiever (roughly half the class). The middle and low achievers gave more focussed feedback on areas they could judge more easily.

The most valuable part of the exercise was enabling the students to look at a variety of other children’s designs. Trying to explain good design is very difficult, but showing examples seems to get the point across much more effectively.

At the end of the unit we did an online student voice survey on the project. 82% of the students agreed that the peer feedback had helped them to improve their leaflet.

Here are some examples of their finished leaflets: learn1 | learn2 | learn3 | learn4 | learn5 | learn6

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing your resources online. I have found the resources very helpful as a tool. For those that are not suitable for my pupils I have been able to get ideas from. Keep up the good work.

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