Information R/evolution

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This video explains that unlike a library, information on the internet is not stored in one particular way.  I really like the quote ‘there is no shelf’ (especially as a devotee of The Matrix!).
It also suggests that instead of having creators and readers of information, we are all now empowered to be both.  This means that instead of the internet being information, the internet is us!

Key Elements of Good ICT Lesson

This week I’m giving training to my first ever group of ICT GTPs. We are going to explore what ingredients you need to make a good ICT lesson.

I have created the following task so that they can experience what it is like to be a student in an ICT lesson. To view the lesson, click on the links below:
Welcome presentation: I start every lesson with a similar presentation to introduce what we are going to do.
All about me: A task to show how to give instructions to a class and how to structure a lesson.

At the end of the day’s training, I will ask the trainees to post a comment with their feedback on the day and their ideas on what makes a good ICT lesson.

The trainees will then try to apply what they have observed in their own teaching. We will then meet virtually in a flashmeeting video conference at 3:45 on 17th October to share their first experiences of teaching.

If any other trainees or teachers would like to participate in the video conference, all you need is a webcam and broadband access. To try a test connection click here. Contact me by posting a comment below and I will email you more details on how to take part.